West side of Commercial Street circa 1879

West side of Commercial Street circa 1879

The Maurice F. Sweeney Museum

Our Museum’s name reflects the generosity of a prominent local businessman, and former Town Historian, Maurice Sweeney. In 1990, he donated the former Stewart National Bank building which was erected c. 1869. The building was used for banking purposes beginning in 1871. Banking fixtures remain in tact, and lends an interesting area for organizing displays.

Our collection includes artifacts from the Livonia Area Hamlets, such as 19th century samplers and clothing, kitchen and dining ware, a jar of peaches canned in 1863 for the Hemlock Fair (they look delicious!), woodworking tools, war memorabilia including an Irish Shillelah and even a set of scary looking dental tools. We also have quite an assortment of enlarged postcard prints. These were put together by former Historical Society President, John Murphy, who went to great lengths to locate and copy hundreds of postcards depicting all of the hamlets within the Town of Livonia and Conesus Lake in the 19th & 20th centuries. We often make color laser copies of these at the request of museum visitors (for a fee, of course). Bound volumes of the Livonia Gazette from 1875-1970 area are available for careful perusal, as are other books within our library.

Location and Hours of Operation

The Maurice F. Sweeney Museum, located in the Village of Livonia at 10 Commercial Street (Rte 15 S), is open year-round on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

For further information please call 585-346-4579.